Important Terms in Day Trading
Open - The first price at which the stock opens when market opens in the morning.

High - The stock price reached at the highest level in a day.

Low - The stock price reached the lowest level in a day.

Close - The stock price at which it remains after the end of market timings or the final price of the stock when the market closes for a day.

Open interest
- The number of trades pending to execute.
High open interest - Price moving up - Bullish sign.
                                Price going down - Bearish sign.
(Open and high open interest are related to Derivatives).

Market start time
- 09.00 a.m.

Market close time
- 03.30 p.m.

Margin trading
- Margin is the extra amount you get for day trading. This amount leverage varies from broker to broker.

Square-off - The completing of one full trade is called square-off. If you buy then square-off is selling, and if you sell then the square-off is buying.

- Number of shares traded. It can also be called as quantity.

Scalping trading
- Buying and selling at a very small profit is called scalp trader. This is one of the day trading method. Scalping is done, multiple times in a day.

Momentum trading
- Buying at low price and selling at high price is called momentum trading. This is second method of day trading. Momentum trading is done only 2 or 3 times - depending on day traders.

Circuit filter - The circuit filter is the cut off price implemented by stock exchanges to prevent high ups and down in stock prices. High circuit filter and low circuit filter are two types.
Stop loss price - This is one of the most important day trading term. It is used to minimize the loss, if your trade goes against you.

Support price
- It is the price where stock holds its price before falling down. Once this price is broken then the further downside is expected in the stock price.

Resistance price
- It is the price where stock holds its price before further break out, once the resistance price is broken then the further upside in stock price is expected.
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