New comers to Share market and day trading

In the share market you can earn good amount of money provided you follow the principle ďlearn and then earnĒ.
Every field requires knowledge and experience to get success so is the share market.
So please donít misunderstand that share market will make you millionaire or billionaire in one night.

Our website is especially designed for all newcomers to share market and for day trading so please read, study and then start earning.

Broadly speaking basically there are two types of people in share market.

1. Investors - who buy shares and hold for weeks to months to years and they are called as short term, mid term and long term investors respectively.

Traders - Traders do buying and selling of shares on very frequent basis mostly on day to day basis and they are called as day traders or intraday traders.
We daily receives emails from new comers that they have made losses in day trading, in delivery, in future trading, option trading and so on, so we kindly advice to all new comers to strictly avoid especially trading unless you gain appropriate and specific knowledge.

After all itís your hard earned money.

Most of the time it has been observed that investor buy/invest in shares without checking its valuations and when their share prices starts falling then they start worrying and get panic and take wrong steps.

Because, basically profit booking takes place at shares having high valuations. So it is always advisable to buy shares at lower valuations or at appropriate valuations. So donít invest or buy share without studying about company and their current valuations.

We also provide free guidance and advice to everyone so write to us before buying or investing in share market.

The up and down movement is the characteristic of share market so no need to worry if your share  price comes down from your buying price provided your buying price is at correct or low valuations. So if you buy shares at low valuations then share price doesnít fall much from that level in bearish markets.

Once you buy good fundamentals shares at appropriate valuation then no need to change your decision based on rumors. Rumors are part of share market.
Traders are those you buy and sell shares on daily basis.

1. Many new comers do losses in day trading because of insufficient market knowledge.
2. New comers should avoid day trading unless and until they do paper trading practice. Please Go here to read more abut paper trading 
3. Day trading requires alertness and promptness to enter and exit from the trade so it is advisable for day trades to be in front of the trading
    terminal during market hours and avoid other activities during market hours.
4. Donít do day trading just for sake of trading or just to earn few bucks for todayís expense. If you are looking to have success in day trading
    then do it by dedication.
5. Donít try to get profit everyday, because everyday is not trading day. But as you get lots of experience then you can do it everyday.
6. Huge losses can be avoided by not doing over trading. Please visit below link to read how to avoid risk by not using margin amount at
7. Day trading is not one day job or night education which you learn from any site and start trading. You need to get experience, strategies,
    techniques and principles to follow to get success in day trading.

All these factors and parameters are mentioned in our other learning section please visit and study and gain appropriate knowledge before start trading.
Difference between Traders and Investors
Your Trading Place
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