Positive Breakout Stocks
1. The following stocks are updated during live market hours in Real time.
    So please click on “Refresh” button on the internet explorer to check the
    latest stocks.

2. The following stocks have broken their 30DMA (Daily Moving Average) in
    today’s trading session.
    Such stocks are expected to move towards its next 50DMA. The upward
    journey may happen today or any time in the future.
    So traders/short term investors can maintain the list and track the stocks
    and take appropriate positions with appropriate stop loss to avoid big

3. The following stocks are mentioned based on technical analysis and any
    change in fundamental of the company may override the technical
    analysis levels.

4. It is also possible to find stocks which have already touched or crossed the
    50 DMA after breaking the 30 DMA and also current price higher then
    either 30 DMA or 50 DMA or both so you can ignore such stocks and look
    for other stocks which have broken only 30 DMA.
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