4 methods to do intraday trading

1. One of the most important way to find day trading stocks is NEWS - Keep close watch on stock news.
Please visit our home page
www.intradaystocktips.org for all current market news, companies updates and for banking news.
Always trade on stocks which are in news. This will be your very sure profitable trade.

2. Second way to find intraday stocks is go to
www.nseindia.com and follow the images shown below.
Here you will find today’s latest actively traded scrip’s. It will be easier and faster for you to enter and exit from the trade with small profit in such scrip having very high volumes, which is very important in intraday trading.
Follow the following steps and you will get those high volume scrips current latest.
Go to www.nseindia.com and click on Live Market - Live Analysis - Most Active securities.
As shown below marked in RED circle
3. Third way for finding breakout stocks for intraday trading is please visit,
Surge in Volumes  and  Trade with Support and Resistance. On both links you will find breakout stocks of previous day. Take the one stock (whose price should be above Rs.50) and go to
www.nseindia.com and find out traded volume of the stock. If volumes are above one lakh then choose that scrip for intraday trading.
Now your role on next day is to wait and watch this scrip. If this scrip moves above yesterday’s close then you can start buying and selling on this scrip.
Remember only if it moves above yesterday’s close.
Note - Make sure that scrip moves above yesterday’s close and also check market direction.
After this you have to click on Volume as shown below marked in RED circle
Resistance - It is just like the stoppage for the stock price rally. In other words resistance is the price level where stock price comes and halts before its forward rally. If the resistance level is broken then the stock price may move further upside.
It is just like speed breaker for the stock’s price rally.

How practically support and resistance are important in day trading

The first rule in day trading is “Don’t do wrong trade and expect the stock price will move according to you”.
Be realistic you will get success.
So don’t buy or sell expecting stock will move above resistance level or will fall below support level.
Watch the stock price carefully and once it breaks the resistance then enter into trade (buy) or vice versa for support.
Note - In day trading always try to buy and sell. Don’t try to do short selling and then buy; do short selling only when you are very sure about that stock.
Make use of Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are the two major and most important terms in day trading.
Support - support price is the base price for the stock price. If this base price breaks then there are chances for stock price to come down further.
As the name indicates support, it is the support for stock price to prevent it for falling further. But if the support price breaks then the stock price may slide down further.
4 methods to do intraday trading
Make use of Support and Resistance
4 Quick Techniques for intraday trading
Your Trading Place
4. Fourth way which is one of the most important method to find intraday trading stocks is finding most active quantity trading future derivative and doing intraday trading on their stocks.
Please visit
www.nseindia.com and follow the following images. Here you will find today’s latest most active trading future derivative.

Skip Nifty derivative and see whether you find other derivative, if you find then choose its stock for intraday trading. This will be again one of your profitable scrip.
Note - Make sure the direction of market and also direction of that future derivative whether it is moving up or down or trending (like oscillator going up to certain price and again coming down and again vice versa)
Go to www.nseindia.com and click on Live Market - Live Analysis - Most Active securities - Most Active Contracts as figure shown in RED circle.
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