Be Professional
If you want to achieve success then you should seriously act towards your activities.

Basically there are two types of traders
1. First type of traders do trading for just sake of trading or they do trading because others are trading and earn some money for todayís expense or trading only on tips, rumors etc. in short no seriousness towards the activity.
2. Second type of traders are serious traders who take interest in daily trading activities right from learning strategies and become the professional traders.

So in following sections we will talk how to become professional traders and keep earning money as the continuous process from share market.

Following are few points which are recommended to follow to become the professional traders.
a) Dedication and sincerity towards daily activities.
b) Doing daily home work before start doing trading.
c) Watching financial news channel especially related to Indian share market.
d) Keep yourself always updated with all latest happenings in the share market.
e) Follow share market related websites where you can get lots of information to read.
f)  Patience and confidence are two important factors required for successful day trading.
g) While trading, do only trading and no any other activity.
h) Keep noting all your experiences whether you make profit or loss so that you can learn from them and take proper precaution in future.
Do specific and selected trades
Basically it has been observed that day traders loose most of their money by continuously doing day trading irrespective of any signals.
At the same it is also noticed that day trader wonít place any achievable targets and keep doing trading and expecting the price should go up and up and finally at the end of the day he do losses. This is not recommended.

Trader should analyze the market and then specific stock and then wait and watch and finally place your order.
The process of market and stock examination may take some time, especially if you are new comer, but once you get experience then you can do it very easily and at faster rate.

Wait and watch how the market and stock are moving, whether they are moving in accordance with your examination or not, if not then do your examination  once again and wait and see how it moves.
And finally once you understand how the market and your chosen stock are moving and then you can decide your trade.
So by doing specific and selected trades you will get appropriate profits and not by doing continues trading.

Trading is an opportunity and not a routine daily activity.
You have look for an opportunity and once you get it then you have to trade but if you are not getting any opportunity then donít trade, donít make it routine activity.

If you want to earn money and want to be successful in day trading then wait and watch and do specific and selected trades.
Look for opportunity and then trade and donít make it as compulsory trading habit.

But once you spend hours and hours in front of the trading terminal in share market then automatically you will be able to find daily trading opportunities in share market.
Getting unnecessary fear or getting fear without any reason is harmful for your health as well as in share market. First up all donít act on rumors. Most of the new comers falls prey to rumors.

In day trading mostly trader gets fear if they buy shares and share prices starts falling. This even happens with investor even if they are holding it for long term. No need to fear provided you have studied the company fundamentals and then invested and traders too provided they have done proper study before entry in the trade.

Markets are always rights so some exceptional are expected in the market like sudden jump in downward or in upward direction and shares are bound to move up and down.

If you have done the paper trading dedicatedly then the fear factor will not come to you because in paper trading you would have come to know which share moves how much rupees in single session and also you get the idea how market and share prices moves.
Paper trading is base for your successful trading.
If you are still not aware of how to do paper trading practice then please Go here, learn and do paper trading.

Even it has been observed that some investors fear if the share prices come down from their buying price even they are holding for long term. The other side of the falling share prices is if your buying price is at higher valuation then the correction is quite obvious.
If investor buys shares at low valuation then they need not have to worry for share price fluctuations.

The conclusion is buying shares at lower valuations and holding them for mid term to long term will definitely provide the good returns to all investors.
Donít be greedy and fearful in day trading
Greed and fear are the two critical factors in day trading.
It is observed that most of the day traders or even investor loose money in share market due to these two factors.

Most of the time it has been observed that people (Trader or investor) becomes greedy once the share price starts going in upward direction and instead of booking profit they keep expecting more and more.
So expecting so much rise and profit in single trade is not practical all the time in the share market.

Set your Targets 
Whether you are the trader or investor be realistic and set your targets.
If you are day trader then you should not expect even 0.5% net profit in single trade (we have explained in next session how to take very small profits and do multiple trades and earn thousands at the end of the day including calculation of brokerages rates and all taxes).

So bottom line is avoid greed factor and be profitable trader all the time.
Our personal view just to share with you - Even in our general lives if we keep the greed factor away then we will get peace and our life becomes happy.
Itís our own personal view and everyone have their own personal views.
Avoid panic by not doing over trading
We believe ďover tradingĒ is most common factor among the day traders and over trading will lead you to losses if you donít follow appropriate strategies or if donít have experience.
Generally traders do over trading and get panic if the price moves against their trade and this panic generates fear in their mind and finally they square off the trades by accepting losses.
Over trading should be avoided to get rid of panic, especially if you are new comer.

What is Over Trading?
Buying and selling of shares at big quantities is called over trading. Basically brokers provide margin amount for day trading like if you have 25,000 amount in your trading account then you can trade till Rs 1 lakh (this is 4 times margin amount).

If you are new and not fully aware of market principles and strategies and start trading by using full 1 lakh rupees then it is very risky.

If you are very experienced then you can use margin amount with appropriate precautions.
We have noticed that some traders put all their savings money in trading which is also very risky and this is not at all recommended.

Please stop all such activities and donít put lakhs of rupees in trading and take margin amount and dream to earn huge amount in single day is a very risky activity.
Itís your hard earned money and donít take such big risk.

Above note is for new comers to share market and who are not fully aware of day trading.
If you want to test whether you are fully prepared for day trading or not then first work do

paper trading practice. For paper trading please Go here

If you are interested to know how to do day trading by not using margin amount then please Go here

For day trading precautions Go here
Principles to get success in intraday trading
Be professional
Do specific and selected trades
Don’t be greedy and fearful in day trading
Avoid panic by not doing over trading
Your Trading Place
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